Letter of the President
Letter to the Annual Report 2011

The report on the gas sector, published by the Spanish Gas Association, Sedigas, presents the main figures from the general energy field and specifically the gas industry, within the context of yet another difficult economic year, which has slowed the pace of the industry and of economy in general.
From an international perspective, some of the notable aspects of 2011 include the sustained drive in renewable energy policies and a toughening of the safety measures in nuclear energy. However, the idea of a diversified energy balance has been reinforced, which considers all reasonably viable sources and a wide range of supplies.
In 2011, there was an ongoing public debate in Spain about establishing the energy mix of the future which will define the strategies to follow over the coming years. Sedigas defended the presence of gas due to its ability to stimulate wealth in the sector and its favourable environmental properties. The national energy mix cannot do without gas, for reasons such as the creation of direct and indirect quality jobs; the reduction of emissions; the reduction of energy costs and the resulting improved competitiveness of companies.
Energy consumption in Spain in 2011 remained highly linked to the rhythm of economic evolution, increasing by 0.1%. 2011 was the hottest year since statistical information became available. That is why energy demand for heating was below normal levels.
I cannot conclude without stressing the significant efforts being carried out in Spain with regard to the diversification of gas origins. An extensive diversification of supplies from the Spanish gas system is maintained. I should also highlight the opening of the Medgaz pipeline that directly links Spain with Algeria, with a capacity of 8 bcm, which could convert Spain into the portal for gas into Europe.
Finally, I hope that this publication which is available to you will serve as a reference with regard to natural gas issues both in Spain and around the world.

Antoni Peris
Chairman of the Spanish Gas Association, Sedigas
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