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Domestic/commercial market
The demand for natural gas in the domestic and commercial sector reached 64,279 GWh, having increased 15.8% when compared to 2009, mainly due to the lower registered temperatures.

This favourable result is mainly due to lower temperatures recorded in the first and final quarters of the year, as well as the continuing process of attracting new customers. The changes carried out for Majorcan customers who were transferred from propane-air to natural gas consumption in November 2009 must also be noted.

In the first quarter, natural gas sales on the domestic and commercial market recorded a significant increase of 17.3%. With regard to the favourable effect on demand due to low temperatures, cold snaps were recorded over the 3 months of the period: 7–15 January; 10–16 February and 5–18 March. On 12 January, a new record for conventional demand was reached.

In the final year quarter, estimates suggest that the residential and commercial market increased demand by approximately 25%, due to the low temperatures. Consumption in November was particularly relevant given that demand increased on the conventional market by 18.2%.

The domestic and commercial market accounted for 16.1% of natural gas sales, 2.3% higher than the figure for 2009. It is well known that this is a relatively low level when compared to the European Union average, with colder winters in other countries. The latest available data regarding sector consumption in the EU indicates that total natural gas consumption stands at 38.8% of the domestic and commercial market.

According to the latest Eurostat data, natural gas consumption per capita on the residential and commercial market when taking the EU as a whole was 344 kgoe, while in Spain it was 118 kgoe. These findings indicate that EU natural gas consumption per capita is 2.9 times higher than in Spain. However, this is very different if electricity is considered: it is rather higher in Spain and in Europe overall.
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