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Algeria occupies a leading position in Africa within the realm of natural gas, given its role as one of the largest producers.   Some of its most prominent projects include natural gas pipelines which transport gas directly to Italy (Galsi) and Spain (Medaz). In regards to the latter case, we must indicate that Sonatrach started pumping gas through this pipeline in the final days of September. The Trans-Saharan Gas Pipeline is another future project.

Projects to construct new trains in Egypt’sIdku and Damietta terminals have been abandoned.

In May, Shell inaugurated an integrated oil and natural gas project in Nigeria. It will enable received gas to undergo NLGN treatment (Bonny Island). This project will help diminish the amount of gas burned in this area.

In October, the Nigerian Minister of Gas announced that the country’s natural gas production was expected to expand to 52 bcm in 2012, basically by using the gas currently burned in the wellhead.

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