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Industrial market
In 2010, demand on the industrial market rose to 194,089 GWh, having increased by 7.7% when compared to 2009. However, this consumption figure is less (-1.6%) than the demand recorded on the same market in 2008.

Natural gas continues to be mainly directly towards this sector in Spain, having recorded 48.5% of total natural gas sales in 2010. This figure is 3.6% higher than the figure registered in 2009.

In 2009, a slight 2.3% increase was recorded in the demand for natural gas within cogeneration plants; in 2010, a 7% recovery was noted, according to data offered by the National Energy Commission. Discharge to the electricity grid of cogeneration plants using natural gas over the whole of 2010 is likely to have reached a figure close to 20,000 GWh.

Fuente: Enagás/GTS.

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