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In 2010, total demand for natural gas in Spain reached similar levels when compared to the previous year (400 TWh), having decreased by 0.3%. Domestic, commercial and industrial market consumption increased by 10% overall. In contrast, the electricity generation market decreased by -15.7%.

Decrease in demand for combined cycle gas is directly related to its level of use within the electrical system, given the increase of the renewable energy share. As well as growth in installed electrical power, mainly with regard to wind energy and photovoltaic energy to a lesser extent, 2010 also recorded good hydraulicity levels.

Natural gas sales on the domestic and commercial market increased by 15.8%; sales on the industrial market grew 7.7% compared to 2009; and gas sales not for energy use (used in raw materials to produce fertilisers and hydrogen) rose 26%.

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Annual Report 2010
Annual Report 2.010: Sedigas - The Spanish Gas Association